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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There is a Stranger in our midst!

Today, my son and I became aware of the fact that we are simply 'extras' on the television show that is my daughter's life. The show is an amalgam of "A child called it", "Harry Potter" and "Les Miserables", my daughter has eclectic tastes in her choice of reading material. Let us not forget that elements of 'clueless' and 'my sweet sixteen' are sadly lacking in our diva's life.
A performance is never pre-empted or rescheduled, nor is the season ever over. Any new developments occuring in her life receive promotion and publicity to rival the Emmys. Any upsetting news has the magnitude of a break-up screaming at one from the headlines of the supermarket tabloids. All public appearances are prepared for as if a squad of paparazzi is waiting for her dainty foot to peep out the front door.
After much discussion on the topic and conjecture as to how to increase our speaking parts and maybe acquire a 'b' storyline of our own, my son and I decided the low ratings were not worth the effort. And so, we are resigned to the reality that we are simply behind the scene magicians creating an illusion of our star living in harmony with her family.
Gone to fetch Perrier and roses.