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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Au Naturel

Sometimes we are all alone on a holiday.  Sometimes it is Christmas or New Years Eve or even Easter

The thrill of decorating for family and seeing little faces light up with joy and surprise doesn’t happen for everyone.  Some of us by design and others by chance, have holidays for one. There are people that just skip observing the holiday and others that donate their time on those days. 

I try to celebrate holidays alone with the same fervor I have when I am surrounded by those I love. 

Christ was born and ascended into heaven for each of us.  It is when times are the darkest that we realize He is here for us.  His comforting hand caresses our cheek and draws us close to Him always and most especially when we are alone. 

It is sad sometimes and bed with a box of chocolates looks really inviting, but, let’s not reserve our love and cheer only for times with others.  Instead, lavish yourself with all the tender loving care that you know Christ wants you to enjoy.

Surrounding ourselves with the fruit of our creative endeavors brings God close to heart.  When I think of being made in His image I always think of creativity.  There can be no one more creative than God, can there? 

Keeping this in mind we have set a simple table for breakfast.


The lacy wrought iron of the garden table and chairs looks so beautiful with the addition of a handmade crocheted lace tablecloth. 

The white china plate with it’s floral embossed detail, is placed over a monogrammed linen napkin.  The lovely brown eggs are set out in a white porcelain bowl with the simple entrĂ©e held aloft by a shabby silver candleholder.


As we peek over the whitewashed roof of the birdhouse we can see the Bakelite napkin ring encircling the handmade linen napkins.


Coming back around front we find a Ukrainian Pysanky egg leaning on the porch post!



I hope you are able to celebrate Easter in just the way you likeblog_026

Whatever you do and however you celebrate I know Christ will be there with you.

We are joining the lovely party at Between Naps on the Porch