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The Story of The Scarlet Petticoat

I want to tell you why I have named this blog The Scarlet Petticoat.

'Gone with the Wind' has been a favorite movie of mine for a long time.  I originally wanted to name my daughter Katie Scarlet however, we agreed on Vivian after the actress that played Scarlet. I love her name and have never regretted the choice!

Anyway, back to the tale at hand.
Some of you may remember the character of Mammy. She was a plain, hardworking woman, surrogate mother to Scarlet. As a gift she received a beautiful, scarlet taffeta petticoat from Captain Rhett Butler. 
Mammy wore it under her plain work clothes. 
The petticoat rustled as she moved around 
keeping up with her chores, 
reminding her it was there.  No one knew she was wearing it.  Having it on reminded her of her true self 
and that filled her with joy.

This blog was initially created to share my love of writing (which is my secret joy!) with others. It has now evolved into a forum to showcase the creativity of my Mom, Eileen my Sis, Laura and Yours Truly, Me...Scarlet!'s Donna but, this is my joy remember?!


  1. Hi Eileen,

    This is amazing - after a few tries of trying to find it and reading the info to figure out what it was!!!!!
    Good luck with this new venture - have a ball.

  2. Donna, this is are so talented!!!! You go girl....follow your dream and be secure that you can do it!! You have so much to give, I enjoyed reading all your stories, love the pics, and you are a treasure. You are someone special and don't forget it!!

    Love me (Ms. Carol)

  3. I just read the story on how you named your Blog. Loved it! We gave one of twin sons the middle name of Rhett. One of my granddaughters is named Scarlett. Love it! The romance of it all. Thanks so much for your comments on my Blog. Love, Valerie (


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