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Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Miss You!

Dear Friends,
There have not been any posts of late.  It seems when life gets really busy,
something has to go...sadly for us it is the blog posts.  Mom and Laur have been sending pictures for me to post and they will be up here soon. 
Just an update to let all of you know how we are doing...
Laur is still searching for the perfect place to move to in southern Pennsylvania. 
Her oldest, Christopher has moved into his first apartment!    Of course that meant some shopping for Laurie! Chris and his lovely girlfriend Anne celebrated their third anniversary in late October...we are all wondering what the future holds for them!!  Daughter Samantha is at home and has been a tremendous help in getting the house 
ready to sell and even showing it to potential buyers.

Mom (Eileen) is preparing for her annual craft show at Penn State on the 7th of November. 
Preparations include lots of stitching, painting, glueing and don't forget idea lifting!!  Lunch with her former students and attending Bible Study are also a priority for her.   Last weekend Mom (and I) attended the 90th birthday celebration of her twin Aunts.  The children of each Aunt held parties for them in their part of the country!  Aunt Doris had hers in Lake Tahoe, where her family has vacationed for years and Aunt Dorothy/Dot...(the party we   attended) had hers at her son's Inn in Vermont!  We found out that
Aunt Dot was friends with Maria Von Trapp!!! 
Our whole family was invited for the entire weekend.  The hospitality was amazing! 
Food and drink flowed seemingly without end.  The setting was Edson Hill Manor in Stowe. 
Both ladies were thrilled with their birthdays and of course loved to see their children,
grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, siblings and cousins...whew!! What a crowd! 

When we departed from Stowe Mom headed home via the scenic route while Captain Butler and I headed for Newport Rhode Island.  Many photographs and Mansion Tours later we departed for home.  The beauty of  Vermont, Newport, the Atlantic ocean and the palatial homes we saw really got my  creative ideas going!  Christmas crafts and decorating
may need to be kicked up a notch this year!! I will be posting pictures over the next week. Sneak Peak below!!
All the Best!
Eileen, Laurie and Donna