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Friday, July 2, 2010

We are joining the Tablescape Thursday party given by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch please visit her site to view lots more 'fun with dishes' blogs!!

Mom, Laur and I have been busy this month  !!!
In June we graduated 2 children, attended the graduations and parties of 3 others, traveled through 6 states, attended 2 weddings, became a mother-in-law and retired (again)! Not to mention searching for a new place to live, stopping to honor the Dads involved, wishing ours a happy 73rd birthday and attending farewell parties for yourself!
Whew! And I though May was a big deal! That was childs play!

Today is the first of July and I am terrified of what this month has to offer. It better involve serious hours by the pool is all I can say!!

On to tablescape land!!
Let's start with Laurie's
Samantha quietly enters the darkened room. She breathes a sigh of relief when she catches sight of the beautifully set table. A few of her fellow graduates are about to arrive and it has been a truly busy spring.
As usual Mom has thought of everything and the table is ready for a relaxing luncheon with friends. The atmosphere is tranquil.
When the ladies arrive at the table they find pale green silk kimonos, embroidered with lavender peacocks waiting at their seats.
The damask napkins are rolled into bakelite rings balanced by chopsticks from takeout nights!
A light sushi meal has been prepared. The young women enjoy the exotic food in candlelight and the fragrance of fresh hydrangeas.
  Recapping the best and worst moments of the last four years, the conversation turns to plans for the future and each girl confesses her dreams and wishes, feeling safe in this quiet circle of friendship.
 As lunch comes to a close, Samantha hears a knock at the door. When she opens it she is greeted by two women equipped to give massages and pedicures!
"awwww mom"
 The girls are excited by their good 'fortune' and laughingly rub Buddha's belly for good luck!

orange melamine - 1.00ea
white smaller - 1.00ea
white rectangular dish,
green - 3.00
napkin rings.........vintage bakelite
napkins....................vintage linen garden!
wooden shelf!
rice wine cups............votive holders

Just Starting Out
presented by Eileen
The young bride gently removes the quilt top from between the layers of tissue.  Mother has sent her chest filled with things acquired over the years in hopes of her marriage. 
Her grandmother taught her how to cut old clothes and found fabric into strips and stitch them together to create a quilt. It is with sadness that she caresses the fabric and feels the loss of grandma. She died before she could show Juliette how to make the tiny, precise stitches that would define the quilt.
With a chuckle she realizes grandmother would never tolerate self pity and so she continues her hunt through the box of treasures. There is the blue agateware coffee pot! The color is so vibrant and reminds Juliette of the beautiful sky over her seaside cottage.
The next thing she found were the little animals her brother carved for her, he said they would remind her of the farm. Living on the New England coast was a huge change from the farm in Wisconsin, but, Juliette was happy for the change. She loved the sea air and the craggy rock lined coast and of course her wonderful new husband!
Just today he had picked a bouquet of wild daisies for her before he headed down to the docks. Fishing was Jays life. The thought of him joining her family on the farm was unthinkable and so he brought her back to his home.
Juliette smiled as she planned the dinner she would serve him later today. For now she began to set the table.
On top of the quilt she laid out the red wooden chargers and gray metalware plates. She pulled  two bread warmers out of the hope chest and thought they would look sweet under the mugs. The Griswold dutch oven was one of the most important tools in her kitchen. Juliette used it to make all sorts of delicious meals.
Today would be a lobster bisque using milk from Louden Hill, the local dairy and lobster fresh from Jays catch yesterday.
The soup had been simmering for hours. By the time dinner was served the seafood and spices would have bubbled and mingled to become the main course in their simple meal.
For desert there were fresh strawberries picked from her very own first garden!
Juliette placed the white pitchers and crocheted napkins that were wedding gifts with special care. These were her favorite things and she treasured them.
For the last touch she added some vines around the coffee pot and filled it with the daisy bouquet.
Singing and giggling to herself, Juliette stepped back from the table to admire her work.
Something caught her eye and she turned suddenly and raced through the front door!

Thank You, Susan for hosting the party!