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Friday, July 23, 2010

Game Night Parties

Happy 100th!!!
Join us as we celebrate with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.
She has hosted the Blog Party Tablescape Thursday 100 times! 
Mom (Eileen), Laur and I thought it might be fun to challenge ourselves with a game party theme!
However, I was not able to write our usual little stories to go with this post. 
I will be back in action with our next post!
Four of a Kind!
Why, it's a group of friends having tea and sandwiches before a card game!
Glad you could make it!!!  Your place is all ready for you...Tiger Woods, right? 
This is definitely your seat!!!
Oh!  Look.  It's Mr DeBeers, darling...have a seat!
Martha, Martha...over here!  here is your's a good thing!
The table is delightful! 
One lump or two? 
Tea time!!! Get it Tiger?  Wink, wink! 
Don't forget to sign the guestbook and leave a special note for Susan, the Queen of Hearts! 
What a lot of fun!....Thank you dear friends... 

It's a Pool Party!!!!!

Oops! Did you think I meant pool with water? 
 Surprise!  It's guy's night in the 'man cave'
What a spread! 
Root Beer anyone?!
Artsy through the handle shot!
A silverware tray?  What a clever idea! 
Lustro-ware from the 40's
Hi honey!! All your friends go home?
How about a game of darts? 
Will you look at that!!  I won! 
But, you're still King of the Castle!

Before there was television...

Remember when the kids stayed home at night and the family gathered around the game table?
Maybe even some relatives came by and joined in the fun.
Every one had a turn.  No one could monopolize the game! 
Someone will be sorry when they have to return all these little pieces to their proper places!!
I don't have a clue who the lucky winner will be tonight!
I must admit I love these vintage checkered napkins! 
Everyone from the rookies to the old maids get a chance to play! 
The winner is always considered to be the head of the class!
Of course things can get a little dicey when grandpa 'wins' every time! 
Those were the days!! 
Happy 100th Anniversary Susan!
Thanks you for hosting a 'game night' every Thursday!
We are so happy to be a part of it!


  1. You have some fabulous ideas for game night. I'm putting this one in my resource file. Thank you for sharing your delightful ideas. Cherry Kay

  2. Donna,
    what cute ideas you have. I love those china set with play cards on it. I have never seen such outstanding a tea set. Just the right one to serve tea at a Bridge party. You show so many good ideas about game nights. Thats like beeing in Las Vegas. Really great tablescape with lots of fun. You are a winner!
    Greetings, Johanna

  3. Oh, my goodness! That dinnerware with the playing cards on it is just delightful. What a fun party this must have been!

  4. Wow, how cool are those tables! I love the dishes with the playing cards. I am amazed anyone would think to use a silverware tray for crackers and dip...cute idea! Thanks for sharing your fun post.

  5. Hi Donna!

    This is sooo cute and clever! I love it! Too bad more families don't have game night more often...I think this would be a lot better world! I just love your card cute is that!!! Fun! Be perfect for dinner for the "bridge club" wouldn't it?
    Now, I want to know, who did have to sort out all those Sorry pieces in that bowl? LOL That must have been a fun job!:-) Great post!

  6. I just love the idea of using the silverware tray for crackers, etc...I will definitely borrow that idea! I have a wooden one in the basement as we speak!


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