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Monday, July 30, 2012

Under the Wire!

We finally finished our entry for the Bungalows and Cottages Autumn Talent Search!!!

You can see the creative entries over at WhisperWood Cottage.

We are linked to the party there and I hope you will check it out!


As you may know if you are a reader of this blog.  My Mom, Eileen lives in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.  Since I became an empty nester as of July 1st! I decided to stay with my parents for a while and enjoy the bucolic beauty of their property.

Coincidently, my Sister Laur, the 3rd member of our blog team is staying with the folks too,  until her house closing. 

We have quite a crowd up here, don’t we?!

Well, the best part is we get to collaborate on our ideas and the creativity is really flowing around here!

I wanted to write one of my little stories about the people that would be passing by our little Autumn Vignette, however since our entry is linking up ‘just under the wire’ I have decided to forego the fantasy and just tell my tale!

Mom had a blue tool shed located near the house. It had a metal awning and was pretty ugly. Probably the reason we have no before pictures!  Anyway, she finally convinced Dad to paint it a pretty barn red, like her art studio.  After the paint job Mom decided to dress it up a little.

Laurie's idea was to use an old bicycle basket as a planter and she proceeded to fill it with a variety of low maintenance succulents. 

There is always an old window around here somewhere and Mom hung a pretty one right in the front.

Years ago my Uncle Dom worked for the city we lived in and somehow managed to find some iron bench ends!  Dad added the boards for the seat and the back and painted them to match the trim and voila! A really cute little place to take a rest.

Mom saw the umbrella idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it.  Fortuitously she had an umbrella in black and tan just like the door!  Yay!!

So, she dragged out the good old cattails and went to town!  We all love auctions and one of Mom’s latest finds is the little make-up suitcase.

We searched Good Will for a variety of plaid shirts and cut and glued and sewed a new lining and pockets for our little case.

The leather trim was painted in a great red to go with the plaids and our thermos received the cowhide treatment, a la Ralph Lauren!!

The silverware in our little picnic basket/suitcase was Mom’s everyday flatware from gosh knows how many years ago! Must be vintage!

Lastly, I wanted to try to make a lap robe from a sweater and it didn’t come out too bad! 

Tutorials for the lap robe and suitcase will appear in my next post. 

We put our newly created treasures together, threw in a rake or two and called it Autumn!

Hope you like it!

Off to write tutorials!


Monday, July 23, 2012

New and Exciting!

Hello, Dear Readers,

My Mom, Eileen, recently happened upon an interesting website.  WhisperWood Cottage is a site dedicated to finding talent to appear in the pages of Cottages and Bungalows Magazine

Mom, my sister Laura and I are attempting to create an entry for the Autumn Scouting Party!  You can check out the other entries by clicking on the button to the left of this post!

Keep an eye out for our entry to be posted this week!  This is our first attempt at entering anything!

Gone to look for falling leaves and chilly mornings!