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May 2007...Spring has Sprung

May 2007
Back at the keyboard!!!!

We have changed our calendar around here these days, counting not by traditional days and time, but by moments 'till prom/graduation and dollars 'till I have enough for an X-box.

Wesley, my son will be turning 13 on Sunday. He informed me of this on Wednesday, thankfully, because I had no idea!

This is the child that never had more than one friend at a time and now reports he needs to entertain 15 of his nearest and dearest friends this Saturday night.

Taking everyone to a movie would be good, he said. Let's see 15 x 7.50 = 112.50, figure in popcorn, etc and transportation...
mmmmm...........let me think. NO.

Maybe a rental and 6 kids??? We'll make the popcorn and throw in some cans of Sams club soda. That way I can still afford a card and maybe a gift.

Whaddaya say son????

Checking out free dvd titles at the Library,


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