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Monday, August 2, 2010

Met Monday!

Downspout Strainer to Rustic Cloche!!

Disclaimer:  Mom saw this idea on another blog 
and was very excited to try it. 
 If you know who posted it let me know and we will give her credit!

First you take a metal downspout strainer, like the one pictured.
Next you have to give it a bell shape, while keeping the top pieces close to each other.  Something like this...
You can even use a cloche you may have as a mold to shape the wire around and get the look you want. Of course Mom did it all by hand...but, we aren't all that 'handy'!!!
Next you need to attach the edges.
Just like sewing with wire.
Have you noticed the wooden knob and wheel beside the wire shape?  The wheel (a wooden one from the craft store) goes inside the cloche and a screw joins it to the knob on top.  
This helps keep the metal edges contained.

Spray the whole creation with a little ORB (or a creamy white) and place it on a pedestal.
After that you have to experiment to find what you think will look best inside of it.  Here are some of Mom's idea's
Mom added a little chain with a key and a necklace charm hanging from the little wooden knob. Then she used some vintage 
doilies, a pin made by local (to her!) artist, Holly. 
Holly uses vintage pieces to create her one of a kind jewelry. With the addition of a crystal knob and lamp finial voila! 
For the next 'cloche experience'!  Mom placed a leather 
button top baby shoe
worn by her Grandmother next to a tiny porcelain vase.  
There is a little doily tucked into the shoe!
The pin is a bakelite F for Frances, her Mother's name.
The wooden pieces cost a total of 2.89.  The white 
dish was a yardsale find for .50!  The strainer was
just under 3.00.
At last Mom finds a look that makes her happy 
(for now!).  
A sunny yellow teacup!
Until the season's change!!  
 A last look...

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