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Friday, May 14, 2010

We are back with our second attempt at Tablescape Thursday!!!  
This week we will be entertaining close friends at a morning Bible study...
the beach and at a pre-movie dinner for the 'girls'!!
Join us for the fun!!

 The ladies gather amidst geraniums and morning sunshine.
 For, lo, the winter is past , the rain is over and gone ; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come , and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land...Song of Solomon 2:11-12
The pink rimmed dishes are Pyrex from the 30's or 40's and collected over the years by Mom.
Notice the etched detail on the juice glass.  This sweet beverage set belonged to Mom's Aunt Ruth. 
 Aunt Ruth was a school teacher from back in the day.   To call the children into the schoolhouse she rang a brass hand bell each morning!!
These opaque green plates resemble Jadite but are really depression glass.  The pattern is named Laurel, as evidenced by the embossed circlet of laurel leaves.
Mom's elegant embroidered napkins were a gift brought to her by a friend from her home in Italy.

Thank you for joining us for a delightful morning of fellowship and devotion.

The off season is drawing to a close. 
Memorial Day with it's crowds and excited children looms large on the horizon.
The 'year-rounders' have gathered at your table
On your right, Jane, a retired English professor reads from a book of poetry.
Her rhythmic voice conjures up images of white foam slapping against a sandy shore, fog rolling in over a steel cold expanse and the sad cry of a seagull.
You can't help but think ahead and see
silent, morning beach walks replaced with hot, humid jogs through the kingdom of brightly colored umbrellas.
The air tainted with the smell of faux coconut. 

Jane's voice draws you back to the moment and you remember that come September the ferries will depart weighed down with the last diehard sun worshippers and pink faced, tow headed children.  Upon their empty, silent return the islanders will breathe a sigh of relief and book in hand, take back their familiar haunts.
I don't remember where I bought the plates.  There are no markings on them.  I just love the collage feel they have and of course anything with birds or eggs is good!
I found the little ball jars at the GW for .75 each.  It was about two days after I saw the PB catalog with the outdoor dining picture.  They had mason jars with tea lights in them hanging from between the trees.  I knew I had to have that look on my little balcony!!  To find them in this wonderful shade of teal was a Bonus!!!
Years ago my dad made me the candle holders from some old table legs.  I haven't ever touched them to paint or do anything and they look great to me!  I decided to try shabby chic and tied old curtain panels around the backs of the chairs.  I think the linen complements the lace perfectly.  The orange walls need to go quietly into the night!! So they will be repainted in Fortune Cookie from Martha Stewart.  
The chargers are those typical gold ones you get around the holidays.  These came from Target.  I lightly spray painted them with a Jade color.  I was trying to let the metallic feeling come through.  They turned out to match the detail on the plates perfectly!!  The flatware is by Revere.
I stole the idea of the glass beads reflecting the candlelight from one of the blogs I've been stalking.  I'm sorry I cannot remember whose.
Our poetry books are 'Heart Throbs' a collection of poems and little stories compiled from a magazine of the same name.  First published in 1911.  My maternal Grandfather loved to recite poetry and stories, I received this book when he died.  It is a treasure to me.  The other is a children's collection of poems, I purchased to read to my children when they were younger.
All the linens are vintage, there are two damask and a hand crocheted one on the top in a color I have decided is 'Driftwood'!!  The napkins belonged to my Great Grandmother and have never been used until this table setting.
The napkin rings are mother of pearl belt buckles I have collected over the years, tied with velvet ribbon.
This is the Emily Dickinson poem that made me think of the 'off season' setting for my little dinner!

How about a light dinner with the 'girls' on movie night?
It is always fun to dress up for a night out and let's admit it, we dress for ourselves and each other!! Not for men like they think we do!!!
Of course a little bling will be necessary to complete our looks.
When the guests arrive they are delighted to see the table set in a delicate blue Haviland China.
The creamy shade of the napkins complements the white of the plates.
                                                                     The table is dripping with jewels! Each lady must choose her favorite bling!

Pearls add just the right amount of luminescence, don't you think?

The silver tea set is a 'Tiny Treasure' lump or two?

The tureen from Aunt Carol's hope chest is in a pattern similar to the china
 The Rhinestone jewelry is an eclectic collection of new and old pieces garnered from auctions and department stores over the years. 
Of course every woman has to have pearls, especially to wear with her little black dress.
Without a doubt ladies night must include a 'chic flic'!
What will it be tonight?
Anything Jane Austen you say?
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days...."Frost Yourself!"...
Wait, Wait...Return to Me!
 The deceased wife's heart beats in the breast of the woman he falls in love with.. they go to Italy.  You really just can't beat that!
This has been rather a hectic week...we're all a little worn out....

Maybe we should just put on the sweats, drape on some bling and pop in 
that old faithful...The Notebook...bring tissues!  :)


  1. LOVE those colors and the etched glasses are beautiful! Lovely!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. I love EVERYTHING about your tablescape! The tablecloth and dishes go so well together. I think I have the matching goblets to your juice glasses. :) I love the way the cloth echoes the geranium in the pot...So very pretty. You also wrote a beautiful description and I love the scripture.

  3. I love both tables, they are perfect for spring...the green, white and pink is just gorgeous with that vintage tablecloth and the wonderful depression era tableware...the aqua table, what isn't there to like about that color. Your charger plates came out great...I may try painting some of mine, hoping they will come out as nice as yours. Thank you for sharing these lovely tables.

  4. It's all beautiful and inspiring! I REALLY like those dishes from the first setting, oh how I'd love to have some. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi, you have set so many nice tables with stunning china. I like all your settings.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Oh my Donna,
    That is a lot of table topping gong on there.

    Love the first bright cheery one the best!

    Thanks for signing up to follow my blog. Glad to have you along.


    barbara jean

  7. Hi Donna! What a treat to come over and see three table settings! I love your pink and green one. The dishes look just perfect together. I love that little table cloth too! Now the last tablescape is so lovely too! I have those Haviland dishes too. They are so delicate, aren't they?
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. i love the idea that there are three settings, and each so different. i like that that pieces are so versatile, for example, that red and white set can go so many different ways. valentines. xmas. patriotic. i was doing a little snooping and i must say that the hedgehog garden setting is my fave yet!

    thank you so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your kind words on my first tablescape attempt. i wish i had more dishes, etc, so that i can contribute again!

  9. What a delight to read about your great weekend. The geranium tablecloth set the stage and adding the vintage plates and aunt's beverage set was so special. Then adding a bible study would be such a blessing. The lace curtains on the chair backs and the mother of pearl belt buckles for napkins rings so clever. The bird nest plates are so Springy. Girl's movie night with the dripping jewels and yellow roses, I'm sure was so fun. And to top it off with any of those movies had to be a blast. When's the next occasion, I'm ready. Sorry it was so long but this post was the best.


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