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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our New Adventure!

We did it!  Mom, Laur and I are posting our first 'Tablescape Thursday' entry!  We are surprising each other and have been very clever at keeping our designs secret.
I am having some trouble putting everything up the right way.  But, I am learning quickly!  So bear with me!

My table is set for two little gardeners...
As lunch commences the conversation turns to the trials and tribulations of gardening. 
"The little critters are just terrible this year, wouldn't you say?"
"I think that wily hedgehog has been poking around here looking for salad!"
"Well, I hope he doesn't think he is going to have any of mine!"  
"We'll just see about that" thought the little hedgehog with a smile...
Here is he peeking out from behind the centerpiece...
Closeups of the place settings.... 

I wanted the napkins to look like leaves around the plates.  Sort of a Mary Englebreit rose shape. cute is this little guy?
The name tags are stamped on handmade paper and tied to the little
garden tools with gingham ribbon. 


Even the candle
was treated to a
hand made
paper tag!

 The sunflowers are set into a little quilted bag on a terra cotta tile.
Artsy detail photos!.........

Our little gardeners, their bellies full of fruits and veggies...sleepily wandered off to the garden patch to nod off in the sunshine.  One last look at the site of their charming repast...

                                               Ta Da!!  

tablecloth, napkins and quilted bag, made by me with fabric from my 'stash'
terra cotta tile from Home Depot...2.00
white and green plates from Goodwill....50 each
green depression glass desert plates from Mom years ago, I think the pattern is Georgian Lovebirds.
garden tools from Target dollar spot
jute, candle, handmade paper, gingham ribbon, sunflowers, seed packet, doilies and hedgehogs were all laying around here!!
hedgehog image is a rubber stamp from stampin up!

               Next we have my mom, Eileen's 
take on dining 'After the Hunt'   

When the hunters come in from spending the day trudging over hill and dale they are looking forward to a relaxing evening trading tales with their friends.  Sometimes the deer on the plate is the only one they have seen all day!!
The bucolic scene dishes are layered with brown transferware
                             and a chocolate glazed dinner plate.
The antlers and moss centered on the burlap tablerunner lend a textured, organic feel to the gleaming crystal and china dishes.

Votives add warmth to the simple setting.

 The old world look of the deer comes to life with a little orb!!

Ahhhhhh....The story of the one that got away......

Lots more to follow...including Laur's "Under the Tuscan Sun" and 'dish details'!  I need a nap!  This blogging is more like mind boggling!! 

I am back at the computer to post Laurie's tablescape.  I had it all done earlier today and somehow it went into the big harddrive in the sky.  So, after some large tylenol, I am back at the keyboard!

Let's take a stroll "Under the Tuscan Sun" shall we?
I love the elegance of the candlabra juxtaposed with the rustic wooden placemats and the rooster.

The green leaf dishes echo the leaves on the dinner plates.
The dining table and chairs are a 'Tiny Treasure' redressed in antique white and providing a lacy frame for our elegant setting.

A subtle floral arrangement adds to the intimate feeling.


Thank you to Susan at for hosting this fun event!
Please comment...we are brand new at this and would love to hear what you think!



  1. Just love Vivian and Wesley's cute little table!
    The stag plates are just beautiful and go so nicely with the transferware. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Adorable! This is so clever and your blog is adorable also. Love the craft room. I will to now and read more of your blog.

  3. Love both of the tables settings. The garden table is so creative. Gives me ideas for my grandchildren who will be visiting this summer. The dinner after the hunt is so elegant'
    Thanks for sharing

  4. All the table settings are wonderful. Looks like there is a lot of creativity going on! Great use of materials you have and thinking outside the box. Lori L

  5. wonderful,I especially like the two gardeners and the hedgehog,I would love to be so creative.I look forward to more creations,Mary

  6. You should be getting great compliments on your first and I hope many more posts. I must tell you the creative gene is in this family. I love each one of your tables and all three are so different.Please, keep up the great art of tablescaping for I enjoyed them so much. From, Pam at Texas Tea Party!

  7. Oh, my gosh, I LOVE the little gardeners table! I'll have to remember that for my daughter before she's too old to appreciate it. The grown-up table was awesome, too!


  8. OH!!! THIs is so cute!!! WOW good job!
    I love it all!
    Thank you for following me :)
    And for your visit!

  9. You never cease to amaze me at how creative you are. You are one of the most amazing women I know and SO inspiring! I look forward to it all on your blog. Love ya lots! Cheryl

  10. Wonderful!! Welcome to Tablescape Thursday!! I LOVE that you're all in this together!
    xoxo Pattie

  11. That little garden table setting is adorable!!


    barbara jean

  12. Thank you, for your wonderful ideas. Keep up the good work and enjoy what you do. Again, thank you... michelle


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