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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vivian goes to the Prom!!

I am goofing off resting up for Memorial Day guests...(what? am I crazy?). I still haven't posted the remaining two tablescapes! But, since I mentioned working on my daughter Vivian's prom gown I thought I would post a few photos of her in it. I might join Metamorphosis Monday for this project!!!
Anyway, if I don't post the other two table settings I will link up with Susan for next Tablescape Thursday.
My daughter loved her dress from last years' prom and wanted to wear it again this year (her Senior year). As the prom date drew closer she began to think she might want to change the bodice. Since I have tried to cater to her every whim create original clothing for her over the years, I set about coming up with a plan. We decided on a plain black bustier and cutting the gown down to a long skirt.
The original dress was extremely heavy on her shoulders...this way the weight would be on her waist and hips...which we thought would be more comfortable. It was comfortable and she loved it! Even though I asked her not to tell anyone I made it since I had over a month to do it and yet waited until the last minute and did a rush job which it looked like in my opinion!
So, here is my spoiled, moody and crabby beautiful daughter with her boyfriend Chris in their prom finery! 
Vivian and Christoforo!

 Pensive, romantic pose! 
   Me, hiding!

My daughter Vivian and my son Wesley 
The cover Shot!!!!


  1. Good looking kids! And your daughter's dress is just gorgeous, you did a pretty wonderful job. I love that line about spoiled,moody,crabby and then crossed out. My daughter fit that to a tee! She just turned 20 and still has a bit of that going on.

  2. What beautiful photos of you daughter. She looks lovely! Have a great day.

  3. What gorgeous pictures, gorgeous daughter and dress! How wonderful!!! Thanks for your sweet visit and comments!

    Miss Bloomers

  4. Thank you for visiting my post! My God your daughter is beautiful and did you say YOU MADE THE GOWN?! It's truly a gorgeous gown for a gorgeous daughter! Congrats!


  5. this is confusing on bing search Dress Punishment for My Son

    the picture standing with their back to the water is my daughter vivian and my son wesley

    is this your daughter or your son transgendering


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