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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Au Naturel

Sometimes we are all alone on a holiday.  Sometimes it is Christmas or New Years Eve or even Easter

The thrill of decorating for family and seeing little faces light up with joy and surprise doesn’t happen for everyone.  Some of us by design and others by chance, have holidays for one. There are people that just skip observing the holiday and others that donate their time on those days. 

I try to celebrate holidays alone with the same fervor I have when I am surrounded by those I love. 

Christ was born and ascended into heaven for each of us.  It is when times are the darkest that we realize He is here for us.  His comforting hand caresses our cheek and draws us close to Him always and most especially when we are alone. 

It is sad sometimes and bed with a box of chocolates looks really inviting, but, let’s not reserve our love and cheer only for times with others.  Instead, lavish yourself with all the tender loving care that you know Christ wants you to enjoy.

Surrounding ourselves with the fruit of our creative endeavors brings God close to heart.  When I think of being made in His image I always think of creativity.  There can be no one more creative than God, can there? 

Keeping this in mind we have set a simple table for breakfast.


The lacy wrought iron of the garden table and chairs looks so beautiful with the addition of a handmade crocheted lace tablecloth. 

The white china plate with it’s floral embossed detail, is placed over a monogrammed linen napkin.  The lovely brown eggs are set out in a white porcelain bowl with the simple entrée held aloft by a shabby silver candleholder.


As we peek over the whitewashed roof of the birdhouse we can see the Bakelite napkin ring encircling the handmade linen napkins.


Coming back around front we find a Ukrainian Pysanky egg leaning on the porch post!



I hope you are able to celebrate Easter in just the way you likeblog_026

Whatever you do and however you celebrate I know Christ will be there with you.

We are joining the lovely party at Between Naps on the Porch

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Williamsburg, VA

Mom, Laur, and I went to Williamsburg VA for a week to celebrate Mom’s birthday.  It is the first time we have ever done anything like that!  Thanks to the generosity of my friend Bill who loaned us his condo, we were able to have a worry free, low cost vacay!!  Here is some of what we did and saw…

The Capitol Building in Colonial Williamsburg is opposite William and Mary College, the oldest learning institution in America.capitol Pictured below is Christiana Campbell's Tavern, which I believe is the first property ever legally held by a woman.  After her husbands' death Christiana made herself valuable as a spy and George Washington gave her the deed to her building.  Go Christiana!!Christiana_Campbell's_view_2  This is a lovely shot of the Raleigh Tavern, named after Sir Walter Raleigh.  The symmetry and simplicity of this building is so beautiful to me.  In 1587 after many trials and tribulations Sir Walter established a colony on Roanoke Island, VA.  John White became Governor and after a while went back to England for supplies.  His return trip was delayed because England required all her ships in harbor to prepare for war.  Finally, in 1588, John sailed for Roanoke Island.  Unfortunately, his crews were determined to find the riches of some Spanish merchant ships in Cuba. 

Governor White was unable to return until 1590 and was stunned to find the entire colony gone.  The only sign of them was the word croatoan carved into a tree.  The colonists were never seen again and they are now known as the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

That wraps up todays’ history lesson!raleightavern My parents, sister and brother in law are really into antiquing.  I love it too, but, these guys have stamina!!  The Williamsburg area is beautiful and although the weather was a little rainy and chilly for our taste we went out and had fun everyday! 

I guess our favorite place was the Williamsburg Antique Mall.  It is 45,000 sq.ft. with 400 dealers shops in it!  There was a sweet little tea shop too.  Which I will save for another post!

This was actually a two day excursion.  I found some Nescafé mugs that I had broken over the years and wished to replace.  Six of them for 7.50!!nescafe I also found a green depression glass tea cup to replace a broken one in my set.teacup  In the Goodwill I found 4 tops for 11.00, yay!

Mom picked up a few decorative pieces we will be seeing in some tablescapes soon…


If any of you see that blue bunny plate on the bottom right, Moms’ set came without it!  I have looked everywhere I can think of and cannot find it to buy singly.

We really had a great time and laughed until tears rolled down our faces!  Now that we have done this once we are going to do it more often.

Gone to look for friends that live in exotic locations!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Family Jewels

My Aunt Gail and her daughter, Jamie are designing beautiful jewelry!  I couldn’t wait to blog about it!  Here are some pictures of a few of their designs…all one of a kind pieces…

Every piece is thoughtfully handmade with a certain aesthetic in mind.

coraltreeThe popular tree of life pendent is pictured here in carnelian and my personal favorite, jade!!!.  Copper wire is used not only because it is  beautiful and long lasting, it is also easier on the wallet!  Even the silver wires are copper inside!  The silver doesn’t wear or scratch off…which is really cool!jadetreeThis stunning choker is from the Princess Quinn collection.  Three silver strands are joined together with Swarovski crystals in jet and emerald.  Suspended from the necklace are briolette's and of course the crowning jewel is a baroque emerald crystal!choker

This geometric delight is silver/copper wire strung with glass seed beads.  The double strand necklace is accented with silver Swarovski elements.  The actual pendant is copper enameled with a gorgeous turquoise.jamiesjewels

This stunning lapis statement piece is showcased by intricately wrapped copper wire, the scrolls and bale complement the oval shape perfectly!

Yeah! This is my fave!lapispendent

Ever the creative duo, Gail and Jamie have created several collections to enhance the appeal of each individual piece.  Naming the stuff is always my favorite part!!

The Anntastic  collection is named after Jamie's daughter and represents the trendy girl who likes a statement piece.

FAR inspired by Jamie’s Favorite Aunt Rita.  Luscious jewel tones abound in this Orient influenced collection.

Frances, Gail’s mom has influenced the Franciful designs.  Ideal for everyday at work, school or church.  Subtle, but never boring.

Metal and natural stones converge in the elemental collection, which brings to mind earth, air, water and fire.

For the sophisticated woman who favors the classic designs, Black Tie is the perfect fit.

Weddings, holidays and other special occasions are represented in the festive celebrations line.

The Katie Bug group presents a bevy of youthful whimsy featuring angel wings and animals, all the sparkle a little girl could want!
A sobriquet for Jamie's charming granddaughter, Princess Quinn,  is a medley of  sparkly crystals and of course crown jewels!
A mélange of  beach glass, enamels, and freshwater pearls.  From neutral and soft beach tones to brilliant tropical colors. You will want ShellyPerfect for a cruise or visit to the islands! 
Morgan Thomas designs will have their first trunk show at Beads and More in Montgomery TX on  May 14th.
If any bloggerettes are in the area, I hope you’ll stop by and say hi to them from me!

note:  I have used different colors and fonts on the collection’s names.  In case they don’t read perfectly on your computer, I apologize.

I guess this post sounds like a commercial, but, I am so proud of them and the fabulous job they are doing.  I just had to tell the world!  At least my corner of the Blogging World!!

Gone to place my order for something shiny!!!!


p.s. you can find more of their designs online at…To Be Pretty

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