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Look Behind The Curtain!

I began this Blog in 2006 as a way
to stay in touch with my family and to have
a forum for my short stories.   

I stumbled upon Between Naps on the Porch
one day and was wowed by it!  I told Mom to check it out.  After that we decided to email or facebook photos of our own tablesettings or 'tableaux' as I started calling them!! 
Being the non-competitive people that we are, we thought we would make this a game with each other. Along the way, my sister Laurie got sucked into the vortex...and who are we kidding...she is as big a dish freak as the rest of us!!
Then I remembered I had this blog and
I thought...hey...why not??
Maybe we can play with the big girls
and see if we can measure up!  
Mom and Laurie have been serious diy-ers
 for many years and although I sew and enjoy
decorating, I never tried the serious stuff! 
Furniture refinishing, designing and building birdhouses, creating art projects on a variety of surfaces,
 remodeling their homes and tackling electrical installation, are just a few of the staples in my Mother and Sister's lives. 
We have now found a home in blogland where our imaginations run wild and I get to narrate
 our creative endeavors!
We hope you enjoy our little corner of the world here at
 The Scarlet Petticoat and stop by often.
Donna, Eileen and Laurie