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Friday, May 18, 2007

Prom Memories

Viv was invited to the prom this year.
I had always wanted to sew formals for her and was worried she wouldn't let me, however, she insisted! Hooray! Off to a great Mother/Daughter bonding experience! First stop; a bridal shop in Louisville. Let's not even bother looking in Bowling Green, there is nothing here, I was informed. Okay.
We arrive at the shop, which is immediately a hit with Viv, as it is lined with mirrors and Viv has never met a mirror she didn't like! We strolled through the racks, she found 1 or 2 gowns to try and I found about 6. I had to talk her into the extra dresses. Why? You ask? I apparently have the only 15 year old on the face of the earth that does not like to shop!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, does not like to shop!
Where did this kid come from? Not only that, but we drove almost 2 hours to get to this shop, I am not leaving here without a fashion show, thank you.
It was difficult for my daughter to make her way into the fitting room...

as the columns and the actual room were, you guessed it lined with mirrors. There was so much to see! Hidden corners of her beauty came to life! Stray curls hitherto unnoticed were bouncing casually down her back. Was that calf muscle just a little more 'cut' than yesterday? These jeans really make my..insert body part here...look great, don't they?
Finally, the show began. The discard pile began to mount as each dress was 'too...something'.
The ever helpful saleswomen thought she had the perfect dress and brought it over. A very clingy, adult looking red gown was presented. I held my breath...please, no, what is this woman thinking? She was an ageing, single, former stewardess (did i mention blonde?) party type. As I was secretly wishing she would have a daughter that wanted to be a stripper. Viv declared the dress too 'red carpet' for her.
I may have been successful at this mothering thing after all.
When Vivian put on a beautiful ivory and tulle beaded gown, she looked like a very elegant, Grace Kelly type, young lady. I loved it but, knew better than to say so. She whispered "this is it"!
Terrific! Now let me memorize the dress and note some of the details. Miss fake boobs offered to let me take a few snapshots of it. That was fun and of course an opportunity for a new My Space photo for Viv. Great!!!
We head for home and have some interesting conversation about the design changes needed to transform the dress we've seen into a Vivi original.
Number 1, the Viv version must be navy and gray. ....huh?
"Wasn't that ivory monochromatic look gorgeous?"
"Yeah, but, it's not 'me'."
"Oh. Navy and gray, isn't that like a nun costume?? Or is it the confederacy or the union? I can't remember."
" Mom, I do blue."
" I know honey, but, I thought baby blue."
" You thought wrong."
" OK. "
"Ok then, let's go fabric shopping and see what we can find. Do you have an item in the shade of blue you mean."
"We? What do you mean we? I am done shopping"
"Don't you want to come with me?"
"No, you know what I like"
"Ok, how 'bout shoes? Where should we go for those?"
"No, I'm wearing your silver ones"
"Are you sure? We can afford shoes. Especially with the money we'll save on the dress"
"Are you kidding? I can't shop for shoes. That is too much stress. Forget that. I love the silver ones"
"I'll obviously have to go to Nashville for fabric. There is nothing in Bowling Green"
"I know"
"How about a color sample?"
"I have the perfect thing!"

Searching for satin while clutching a navy t-shirt,

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