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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birds of a Feather.

We are happy to be joining the White Wednesday party at Faded Charm Cottage.
Click the button and take a look!

Yoo Hoo!  Anyone home?  Hmmmm, no answer?
Well, can you beat that?  I know that darn Sylvia is home today...
I saw her fly in that side door just 10 minutes ago!
Will you look at that filigree bracket, solid brass.  Whatever happened to good old wrought iron? 
If she thinks she can just ignore me simply because I need a wing with the Church Fashion Show.
Then she has another think coming!
I must have the use of her house for the Thank You Luncheon.
All the work these starlings darlings are doing...of course, mostly me and under my guidance...but...still..
it's only decent manners to thank them.  Hummph!
You know...she has been all hoity-toity since she moved into
this beautiful place...if you like that kind of ostentation.
I mean...a purple glass knob for a perch, really!
My goodness it's everywhere you look!
Custom made with original barnwood.  Lordy!
You'd think the rest of us live in outhouses the way she carries on.
Is that some kind of debris coming out of that window?
How rude!...shhhh! I hear they're new money...
You know what they can put lipstick on a pigeon...but, it's still a pigeon.
Sad, but true.
Is that her in that attic window?  I just feel her beady little eyes on me!
She'll be shooting off that beak of hers complaining to everyone with ears
about my coming here just begging for her help.
What I go through in the name of Charity!
I'll just have to swallow my pride and hop to it!

This is just one of the many gorgeous birdhouses
my sister Laurie has created.
This one resides in Mom's garden.
Laur uses authentic barnwood, vintage hardware and found objects
 to create truly one of a kind works of art.


  1. I love birdhouses and this one is so neat. Happy WW Rita mammabellarte

  2. white and a bird house...adorable...happy ww...olive♥

  3. Cute post. Quite a little house there, first time on your blog, I am going to snoop around a while!

  4. So cute. I want one, it might help my withered garden look a little cuter. Love the door knob and knocker.

  5. newest follower, love the table settings so much fun.

  6. Great birdhouse-lovely for the birds to use and lovely for you to enjoy when you look at it!

  7. That is a gorgeous birdhouse. Your sister is very talented. Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. You can't go wrong with bird houses and when you mix them with old door knobs and white- it's stunning!
    What spoiled birds you must have! Happy WW!
    Hugs- Tete

  9. Love your birdhouse...I too build birdhouses you may see one on my older posting.
    Will be following you now.

  10. I love the birdhouse..great design, Laurie! And I so enjoyed the charming story you ladies wrote to go along with it. Well done!


  11. Hello! I just popped over from WW, and am loving your blog and am happily following! I'm totally obsessed with your birdhouse, Laurie! You should consider making more and selling them on Etsy! It's just beautiful!! Ok, time to check out more posts on your beautiful blog.....

    Have a wonderful evening!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  12. What a pretty birdhouse and a fun read! I would be hoity toity too if I had that gorgeous purple knob.

  13. 'Scarlet'~ Thank you for visiting my blog. I just had to see who was leaving me such a nice comment (compliment). I love your bird story and the birdhouse. I want one for my backyard!! You and your sister are very talented. I'm going to look around your site some more; I can't wait to see your mom's handiwork!

    Sheila (I live in Maryland too, and also love Gone With the Wind!)


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