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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Tablescape with Presence!


Even though my Mom, Sister and I weren’t

together for Valentines Day this year, my

Sister wanted to do something to let us know

she was thinking about us. We each received

an email with a picture of her little

Valentine tablescape.tablescape

The message read “can you guess which is


Mom and I hurriedly called each

other to discuss this mystery!

Mom reported that Laur had recently

attended a private showing of antique dishes.

Hmmm, very interesting!


“Mmmm, ruffled chargers! I always

wanted them!”

“They were from her Christmas cookie

exchange” Mom said.


“I know which is mine” she


“Laurie knows I collect Ruby Crown

glassware and that looks like a candy dish for


And there it was…a beautiful

pedestal dish made of Ruby Crown glass…starrubydish

“How bout those two goblets? she knows I

love stemware”

“No, she bought those for that other

tablescape, remember?”

“No, Mom I don’t, okay I really like that

tiered cake plate.”

“That isn’t a cake plate!”

“She has stacked her three pink cake stands

on top of each other”cupcaketray

Very clever, I thought.

“Well I know she had those little pink

depression glass plates, they can’t be for me.”

cupcake“I don’t think she had any pink depression


“Are you sure?, because I have been dying

for some! they would go great with my

green ones!”

“I think those must be it!”

“Mom, hold on..”

I quickly dialed Laur’s number and added

her into our call.

“You’re both right!” she exclaimed.

“I can’t wait for us to get together in March

and play with our new dishes!”


Gone to dig out the green depression glass!



Join us at

Between Naps on the Porch

to celebrate Tablescape



  1. What fun that you are so in tune with each others' styles!

    My sister and I had similar taste in antiques and collectibles so we had to establish a rule when we went antiquing together. Whoever touched an item first would have first dibs. Sounded like a good rule in theory, but I can tell you that there were too many times that we would both see something at the same time. Then we would both run at break-neck speed down the aisle towards the intended treasure. Woe be unto any other shoppers who got in our way!

  2. What a cute story! I love the ruffled charger, too!!! I've not seen them anywhere in red. It's gorgeous!!!

  3. What a lovely surprise from your sister.
    Love how she stacked her cake plates on top of each other, great idea, and looks wonderful.
    Pretty candy dish as well.
    and the ruffled charger. Hope you all have a great time in March.
    blessings, Nellie

  4. What a great way to receive a Valentines gift. You all must have so much fun together. Thank you for sharing your lovely surprise. Cherry Kay


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