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Friday, August 20, 2010

Where have I been?

I am literally slapping this post up here!!  August has been a pretty crazy month!  Remember the days when we thought June was a rough one?!!

Anyway, I have been letting Mom and Laur down by not putting up some of the cool stuff they have been sending me....soooooo....I have loaded pix onto this laptop which Captain Butler has offered to take to Disney with us and  I am hoping to do some posting from there.  I think I can even play with the computer on the plane.

After the return from Disney there will be 2 whole days before Mr Junior Petticoat starts school and I drive Miss DePaul Freshman Petticoat to Chicago and leave her there!!  I can't even believe that is happening!!

Mom has retired from teaching the Decorative Painting classes at the local theatre, where she has helped 'bring the arts back' for many years.  She is still decorating the local bank for Christmas and preparing for the annual Christmas Craft show.  This year I get to be with her and try to create some Christmas themed scrapbooks and anything else we can think of!!! The bank decorating is always themed and includes lots of original paintings done by is always a huge hit!!

Laur is still working on selling her beautiful home in Farmville, Virginia and finding a place to live in south east Pennsylvania.  Her daughter Samantha is looking for work in the new area and planning to attend graduate school for Chiropractics. Christopher, her eldest is currently staying with Mom and Dad in Laceyville, Pa where is working for a tree service company.  He is climbing and chopping to his heart's content!!

That is the status quo for just about all of us!!

We will be posting more soon, so, stay in touch!!

Gone to find my mouse ears,

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  1. Scarlet, I hope you're having a wonderful time at Disney World. I know what you mean about things being crazy. I'm finding it hard to really immerse myself in blogging with all I still have to learn and putting posts together. Hopefully after all the kids are settled (and I can retire from full time work)we'll be able to indulge ourselves a bit more! It almost feels selfish at times though! Especially the nights I don't make dinner! Have a safe trip hope!


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