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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More fun from Birdland!

I am double posting today and joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.  Check out all the other fun entries there by clicking the heart!  <3
A unique twist on the traditional birdhouse!
Mom and some of her friends were out to lunch when they spotted this whimsical birdhouse in the garden of Patsels in Clarks Summit, PA.  The decor of Patsels is sort of Mackenzie Childs goes Mary Englebreit!
Mom's friend Annette had to have a birdhouse just like it!!  
So, Mom in her infinite wisdom/creativity, copied the look without knowing how the original is really made!
Here are her supplies...
Yup...that is good ole pvc!!  Not your usual birdhouse building material.
Some glue, finials and screws later Mom brought out the paint and 
gave it the Momkenzie Childs 'look'!
What do you think?
I know!  You love it!!!!  I don't have a picture of the original birdhouse but, 
I do have a similar one from the same restaurant.
You get the idea...
Here is the one Mom made in it's new home at Annettes' house.
  The addition of a stylin' post gives this birdhouse the WOW factor!
Hey! That is my Dad sneaking around back there!! It looks like Grandpa Petticoats' shirt matches the birdhouse!   
 I always knew his fashion sense was for the birds!!!

On the hunt for pvc...
Love, Scarlet

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